Our process for completing a landscape project includes a consultation, design, installation, and final approval. Contact us for an estimate.

Landscape design and installation services offered in Lithia, Brandon, and nearby cities in Florida.

Landscape design and installation services offered in Lithia, Brandon, and nearby cities in Florida.

Our team will meet with you to learn exactly what you would like to have in your new landscape area.

Throughout the Tampa Bay area, many homes have installed custom landscaping. We have a great tropical climate that is well-suited for growing an incredible amount of plants, which makes landscape design exciting. At Lithia Landscape & Design LLC, our professional landscapers bring years of experience to each job that we are hired to do, and they will meet with you so they can get an exact grasp of what you would like to have in your new landscaped area.

Learn more about our process for landscape projects in Lithia, Brandon, Valrico, and the nearby cities in Florida.

1. Initial Consultation & Proposal

Once you contact us, we will schedule an initial consultation. We come to your residential or commercial property and walk it with you. During this time, we discuss your ideas, your needs, your wants, and your overall budget for the project.

Our crew will then generate a proposal of the costs so that you can see what the estimated total will be. If you are ready to proceed forward at this point, we will collect a deposit at this time.

2. Drawings & Scheduling

After the consultation, we head straight back to the office where our talented landscape designers will create a 2D drawing of your new project. This can take a few days to a week depending on our current workload, but we will communicate with you throughout the process. When we finish the design, we send it to you so you can look it over and make any changes. After the changes and revisions are completed and you have approved the design, we will schedule out your project.

Please note that during our busy season, we may schedule your project out two weeks or more from the date of design approval.

3. Site Preparation & Installation

When we arrive at your property, the first thing we will do is prepare the site for installation, which may include:

  • Removing any existing landscaping
  • Grading the land
  • Installing any drainage solutions
  • Adding in an irrigation system
After our landscape contractors are finished preparing, they start to install the new materials. We will create new beds, install your new plants, and put down a layer of either mulch or rock ground cover based on what you have chosen.

4. Final Walkthrough & Approval

When everything has been installed and our company's quality checks have been done to ensure all was done up to our standards, we will then do a final walkthrough with you to ensure there is nothing that you need to have changed. Once you have approved the completed project, we will collect your final payment.

Do you want new landscaping installed by some of the area's leading landscape experts? Call us for an estimate.

As one of the Tampa Bay area's leading landscape experts, we are some of the best when it comes to installing new landscaping. We work with properties in Valrico, Lithia, Brandon, and nearby areas of Florida. Call us at (813) 927-0429 to get an estimate!