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Residential landscaping installed in the front yard that includes new palm, crotons, and  ixora.

Landscape Design In Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, & Nearby Florida Areas

We design our landscapes with 2D design software, allowing you to preview the design before it's ever installed on your property.

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Landscape design and rendering services offered in Lithia, Valrico, and the surrounding areas.

Our 2D designs and renderings display real plant photos and depict the landscape design before we begin to install it.

We provide realistic 2D renderings to sculpt the perfect landscape design arrangement for your commercial or residential property. We have access to nurseries and growers who can provide unique plants which can be included in our designs that use real plant images and show the design before it's installed.

Our gorgeous work can be designed and installed in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the nearby areas.

Custom landscape design in front of a home in Valrico that includes a new palm tree,  crotons, and other plants and shrubs.

We Create 2D Landscape Designs Using ProLandscape Software

There are no surprises in our landscaping process! You can sit alongside our designers to help create your ideal design with your choice of plants and placements.

ProLandscape software includes the following features:

  • Realistic 2D design - Our software creates a virtual copy of your home and lawn. We can then manipulate the imagery to place plants exactly where you would like.
  • Real plant images - We can insert actual images of the plants and trees you choose for an ultra-realistic rendering of the final product. Other software suites use artistic renderings, which can make it difficult to visualize the final product.
  • Useful plant data - Each plant that is inserted into your rendering comes with climate zone data, including flowering season, common/botanical names, and more.
  • Lighting, hardscapes, water features, and more - ProLandscape allows you to view your landscaping project at different times of day to see how the light will affect your plants. The software also allows the addition of water features, hardscapes, flower color, and more.

Benefits of Using Landscape Design Software Include Better Planning, Future Growth Views, & More Customer Input

The old fashioned way of doing business included a landscaper with a clipboard walking through the property, offering suggestions to get a rough idea of the customer’s wishes. Now the control is more firmly wrested in the hands of the client. We work with you to seek customer input on plant choices, sizes, and positioning to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

The software benefits our team members as well. We are able to see the big picture as we plan to deliver and install your new softscapes. The process helps our designers to prevent plants from interfering with homes, fences, and hardscapes as they grow.

Another key feature of landscaping renderings is future growth. The software allows you to project how the plants will turn out in the future, including their size and shape. The future growth feature helps to plan for a balanced, symmetrical lawn—built just the way you like it.

Landscape designed and installed in front of a residential property in Brandon.

Access to Unique Plants Gives our Designs a Special Touch

If you want your landscape design to stand out, Lithia Landscape & Design can handle the job. We have extensive knowledge of area plants from our years working at a nursery.

Many less-common plants are available to our design team, giving our customers a unique edge.

Any plant you choose can be inserted into our rendering software for you to preview beforehand, including those unique plants from nurseries and growers.

Another unique option we provide is boulderscaping, which give your lawn a balanced, earthy look. Many clients choose boulders as focal points and even add lighting features to highlight them.

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