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Landscape Consultation In Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, & Nearby Florida Areas

While you plan out your DIY landscaping, consult with a professional to get guidance on where to buy plants, when to plant them, when to fertilize, and more.

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Landscape consultation provided for homes and businesses in Lithia, Valrico, and the surrounding areas.

We can give tips on best plants to choose, how to arrange them, where to create a butterfly garden, and more.

We offer a useful landscape consultation service for homeowners interested in installing their own softscape layouts. With a lifetime of experience, our owner provides expert advice on plant choice, arrangement, fertilizer treatments, and more such as where and how to create a butterfly garden.

Bring years of experience into your DIY landscaping project with our guidance in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the nearby areas.

After a landscape consultation our client installed new plants, shrubs, and mulch based on our advice.

Professional Landscaping Advice for Plant Choice, Sunlight & Shade Needs

Our owner grew up spending his days at Kerby’s Nursery in Seffner, FL. He has gained a lifetime of experience working with lawn care, various plants, fertilizer treatments, and more. All of that expertise is available to homeowners planning for DIY landscaping projects.

Our consultation service will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Plant choice - We have extensive knowledge of what grows best and where. Choices will include levels of maintenance and watering needs.
  • Sunlight/shade - Our extreme Florida heat can damage plants, or give them more juice to grow. Each plant has different needs with some growing well in the shade, partial shade, or complete sun exposure. We can help clear up any questions you may have

We Help Homeowners Create Butterfly Gardens, Pollinator Gardens, & More

These days, more homeowners are interested in planting specialty gardens. Our experts can advise you on the correct plant choices that will be effective in your endeavor.

We can assist with correct plant choices, placements, and specific care for:

  • Butterfly gardens
  • Pollinator gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Much more

Our client's pollination garden in the backyard of their home in Lithia, FL.

Local & Native Plants in our Region Include Firebush, Salvia, Walter's Viburnum, & More

Our gorgeous subtropical climate offers a variety of native plants that range from exotic to common. We get plenty of annual rainfall with lots of humidity, which gives home and business owners a large selection of plants to choose from.

Here are just a few of the commonly used native plants in central Florida:

  • Flowers - salvia, lantana, blanket flowers, milkweed, coneflowers, and more
  • Shrubs - firebush, jatropha, Walter's viburnum, Simpson's stopper, and more
  • Trees - Southern magnolia, wax myrtle, red maples, red cedars, and more
  • Palms - saw palmetto, cabbage palm, cardboard palm, coontie palms, and more

The full list of local and native plants is too extensive to publish here, but rest assured that we have knowledge of nearly every plant available in our area.

We can also obtain plants that are harder to find in this area of Florida—just ask and we can help you plan out a unique landscape that stands out from the rest of your street.

Additional Items Covered During Landscape Consultations Include Fertilizer, Plant Purchasing, Plant Disease, & Pest Control

We can run the gamut with our landscaping consultations to include much more than plant choice. Our experience has taught us the best practices with the following items:

  • Fertilizer - Information related to which fertilizer type will work best and how to apply it.
  • Plant purchasing - We can guide you with advice about where to get the best deals and a variety of plants in our locale.
  • Plant disease - It takes a professional eye to spot the signs of plant disease. We can demonstrate how to look for and treat common plant diseases in our area.
  • Pest control - Another area we are experienced in is lawn pest control. We’ll guide you through identifying insect infestations and how to treat them properly.

Call today to schedule a visit from an experienced professional.

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