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Irrigation system repaired in Lithia, FL.

Irrigation Repair, Maintenance, & Replacement In Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, & Nearby Florida Areas

Keep your landscape beds watered properly with our irrigation repair, maintenance, and replacement services for residential and commercial properties.

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Irrigation maintenance, repair, and replacement for homes and businesses in Lithia, FL and nearby areas.

Our experienced professionals can assess your existing irrigation system and make recommendations for repair or replacement.

In Florida, it’s important to ensure your landscape plants get enough water, especially when the hot sun is beating down on them. Conversely, if plants get too much water, it can also damage them, which is why having a properly running irrigation system is key to the health of your plants.

At Lithia Landscape & Design, we provide irrigation maintenance, repair, and replacement services for residential and commercial properties in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the nearby cities.

We Fix Broken Sprinkler Heads, Damaged Pipes, & Adjust Water Pressure

A sprinkler head recently repaired in Valrico, FL.

Often, sprinkler heads are broken off due to mowing or other landscape maintenance tasks. When these break, it affects how your plants are watered and could cause abnormal pooling in the area or even output no water at all. Our team can adjust those sprinkler heads and get them back in working order quickly.

Other common irrigation issues we can fix include damaged pipes which can then affect the water pressure. A broken or leaking pipe means that water is coming out where you don’t want it to come out, thus causing water waste and potentially increasing your monthly water bill. We will replace those pipes and adjust the water pressure of your irrigation system.

If you have any issues with drainage in your landscaping, we can also install French drains, which is a trench lined with rock and can redirect water to a different area of your property or even to the street to prevent these drainage problems.

We Can Replace Your Irrigation System with Drip Systems or Water Conservation Systems

Continuing to use a traditional irrigation and sprinkler system may mean that you’ll end up wasting water and spending more money than necessary. Our irrigation repair company can replace those systems with newer irrigation systems that both conserve water and end up saving you money over the lifetime of the system.

Drip irrigation systems are designed to distribute water directly to the roots of a plant. These systems are made up of drip emitters, which drip water precisely where it needs to go. This system provides a lot of control and is very economical, as well as environmentally friendly. To compare, a standard irrigation system will release 1-5 gallons of water per minute, while a drip irrigation system will not even come close to that. In fact, the amount of water it releases is measured in gallons per hour.

There are also other water conservation systems available that can precisely measure out how much water to distribute. These systems may have a higher upfront cost, but you will end up seeing your savings over the course of 10-12 years.

The efficiency of a drip irrigation system ensures that the water will be absorbed into the soil and excess moisture won’t be running off and be wasted.

If you need irrigation repair, replacement, or maintenance, then contact the pros at Lithia Landscape & Design.

We have worked on various irrigation systems throughout the areas of Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and nearby cities in Florida. Contact us today if you need repair, maintenance, or replacement of your sprinkler systems. Our pros are available at (813) 927-0429 to discuss your irrigation needs with you!

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