Complete landscaping services designed to keep your Brandon, FL property gorgeous and full of vibrant color all year long.

All-inclusive landscaping services for homes and businesses in Brandon, FL.

We provide full landscaping services including landscape consultations, renderings, landscape installation, annual flower planting, and more.

Whether you're planning your own DIY landscape project or you're wanting a totally custom landscape installed, our experts can help. At Lithia Landscape & Design LLC, we bring valuable expertise to all our projects. We have the skills and equipment necessary to bring your landscape vision to life and beautify your property with a gorgeous custom landscape.

Our experts can provide you with advice during a landscape consultation or use native plants, mulch, and annual flowers to completely renovate your property. We provide our landscaping services for residents and businesses in Brandon, FL.

Extensive Landscaping Services for Residential and Commercial Properties in Brandon, FL

We offer a full range of landscape services for homeowners and businesses in Brandon, FL, including:

  • Landscape Consultation
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Installation
  • Annual Flower Planting

Landscape Consultations for Clients Planning DIY Landscape Projects

For clients who prefer to tackle their own DIY landscape project, we offer landscape consultations to provide valuable guidance. During our consultations our landscape experts discuss your ideas with you and provide assistance with choosing the proper plants for your landscape, when and where to plant flowers, sunlight and shade needs, plant care and requirements, watering information, and more. Specialty gardens are very popular among homeowners these days. If you're considering adding one to your landscape, our team can help you with setting up a butterfly garden, pollinator garden, herb and vegetable garden, and other unique landscapes for your home.

Brandon, FL is only 13 miles from downtown Tampa that boasts a great assortment of activities and outdoor entertainment.

Preview Your Pre-Installed Landscape Project with Our Design & Rendering Services

Along with our landscape installation services, we also provide realistic designs and renderings using specialized software that allows you to preview your landscape project before installing it on your property. Our renderings are very realistic and make it easy to see how your proposed landscape will affect the rest of your property and allow our designers to easily make any changes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our design software provides you with accurate and up-to-date plant information such as botanical and common names for all plants, requirements and plant care needs, climate zone data, flowering seasons, light and water needs, and more. You can also view your property at varying times of the day to see how the different lighting will affect your landscape design. We are also able to add any water features or hardscaping elements into your design.

We Install Landscapes Using Mulch, Native Plants, Decorative Rock, & More

We provide a full range of landscaping services for your home or business in Brandon, FL. Our team can enhance and beautify your landscape with mulch, decorative rock, annual flower beds, and more. Whether you want us to renovate an already existing landscape bed or install a completely new one, our team has everything you need to transform your property into a gorgeous masterpiece. We provide bed renovation and planting, mulch and rock installation, and more. All our landscapes incorporate native plants that are proven to flourish well in our area.

Add Year-Round Vibrancy & Color to Your Property with Annual Flowers

At Lithia Landscape & Design, we sell and install annual flowers to bring vivid, gorgeous color to your landscape in Brandon, FL. Annuals are a wonderful choice for Florida homeowners and businesses who want a low-maintenance way to spruce up their property and increase its value and curb appeal. We plant annual flowers on your property as many times throughout the year as needed to maintain consistent color and vibrancy and can easily swap out old flowers for new, fresh ones any time you want. We treat all our flowers with nutrient-rich slow-release Osmocote fertilizer to provide them with food and keep them healthy and bright throughout their lifetime.

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At Lithia Landscape & Design, we provide everything you need to keep your home or business look spectacular all year long. We provide a full range of landscaping services that deliver gorgeous results for properties in Brandon, FL and surrounding areas. Call us today at (813) 927-0429 to get started with an initial consultation.