Landscape installation services include a variety of lawn and yard design and maintenance. Landscape services can range from grass maintenance, flower bed design, annual flower planting, tree planting, tree maintenance and more.

Investing in the landscape of your home in Riverview, FL has a number of benefits for both your finances and lifestyle.

Landscapes Boost Curb Appeal of Your Home

Landscaping design services and lawn maintenance makes your home look gorgeous from the street. A beautiful yard draws people in and leaves a great impression. This benefits you in your everyday life. Who doesn’t want to come home to green trees, lush lawns, and budding flowers? The presence of plants is known to improve your general happiness.

Curb appeal also makes a home easier to sell. A house with curb appeal is more likely to tempt buyers into looking inside. Most of us assume that insides match the outside when searching for a home.

If you’re not sure what kinds of landscaping would look great on your property, don’t worry. Landscape consultation services can help you design a custom plan within your budget. Whether you just want a landscape bed repair or a total landscape renovation, Lithia Landscape and Design can help.

It’s important to enlist the help of a professional to make sure the landscape design is fashionable and that the best plants for the project and for Riverview, FL climates are chosen.

Installing Landscaping Can Increase Property Value

A home in Valrico, FL that enjoys a higher property value due to our company's professional landscaping services.

That appeal also translates into property value and worth. People would prefer to buy a home that already has beautiful lawns so they don’t have to do it themselves. Plus, many people use their emotions when making purchases. If people feel relaxed and can imagine themselves living there when they see the house, they’re more likely to be willing to spend more on it. Landscape installation can help with this emotional appeal.

There is also financial proof of landscaping value. A home with landscaping can be up to 12% more valuable than a home without landscaping. If you invest smartly, your landscaping efforts can eventually translate into profit upon selling the home.

Lithia Landscape & Design’s landscape consultation services will be able to help you calculate where your money is best invested if you’re trying to get a return on investment through your landscaping.

Some landscaping features that add the most to your property value include:

  • Outdoor patios: Not only will this increase the enjoyment of your backyard, but it will really help with the property value if you don’t already have one.
  • Designing the landscape to emphasize great views: If your trees or bushes are blocking what could be a lovely view of a lake or a skyline, trimming and replanting are great investments.
  • Outdoor kitchen and fireplace: While you’re installing the patio, considering in an outdoor kitchen and/or fireplace to drive the value even higher.

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