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Pink, red, and white annual flowers during the summer.

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Questions You Must Ask Your Landscape Designer

Questions You Must Ask Your Landscape Designer

Putting in new landscaping at your home or business is an exciting decision. It is something you should do your homework on before making the final decision on what plant material is added to your property.

Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we have installed and created many gorgeous custom landscapes across the areas of Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, and other nearby cities. Learn some questions that we recommend you should always ask before adding new landscapes in your yard.

How will the design mature and what is the growth rate of the plants?

Home landscaping with mature plants and bushes in Lithia, FL.

When landscaping is initially installed, the plants will be younger and smaller than they will be once they reach maturity. When you invest money into plants, you need to know exactly what you are getting into with them, meaning you have to learn about how large they will be as well as how their mature sizes will look next to each other.

You also need to know how often the plants should be maintained with routine trimming. Trimming shapes the plants and keeps them healthy. They should be pruned once a year as well.

Which type of ground cover will be used?

The type of ground cover used in your landscaping can give off very different looks and feels. A dark hardwood mulch looks traditional and refined, while seashells complement the beachy atmosphere of the Tampa Bay area.

You will also need to keep up with the maintenance of the ground cover chosen. Each type should be replenished at different times:

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4 Simple Landscape Design Ideas for Florida Homeowners

4 Simple Landscape Design Ideas for Florida Homeowners

At Lithia Landscape & Design, we often get asked about some simple landscape designs that our clients can incorporate into their lawns. In our area of Florida, there are many things we can do with our landscaping that other parts of the country can't do year-round.

Check out four of our recommendations for simple ideas for landscape beds in Valrico, Lithia, Brandon, and the nearby areas of Florida.

1. Use mulch and rock ground cover together.

Landscape bed with mulch and flowering plants in Valrico, FL.

For a beautiful look in your landscaping, consider using both mulch and rock as ground cover. This creates a nice visual effect while your landscape still reaps the benefits of ground cover, such as protecting the underlying soil, blocking weed growth, and retaining moisture. You can use dark hardwood mulch and then contrast that with white river rock, or use red mulch with brown river rock for a more subtle approach.

2. Utilize natural stones and boulders.

Large boulders in the landscape provide beauty and a natural effect, as well as focal points in the overall design. Consider spacing them around your shrubs to put a new color into the area. You could also use natural stone curbing that provides a definitive edging to the landscaping. The advantage of using rocks is that they will last forever, so you should never have to replace them.

Another way to incorporate rocks into landscaping is by adding in bubblers, which are water features inserted into rocks or boulders.

3. Incorporate...

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Landscape Design Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Florida Home

Landscape Design Tips to Keep in Mind for Your Florida Home

Your home's exterior is the first thing that residents, visitors, and neighbors notice when they look at your property. Plus, you see it every day as you spend time outside or come home from work, so you should take pride in its appearance. To help your landscape look its best, you may need to implement some changes with its design.

Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we offer expert landscape design services to properties in Brandon and Riverview, Florida. To begin the design process, our team evaluates your unique landscape. From there, we consider your design preferences and recommend specific elements to incorporate into your landscape. Check out some of the most common landscape design tips that we implement for our clients' Florida homes.

Choose plants that best suit the exterior of your home.

Within the central Florida area, there is no one standard style of home. The style and architecture of your home may differ greatly from that of your neighbors. Consider the look of your home's unique exterior when choosing softscaping. This way, you will select plants that best suit your residential property in Brandon.

For example, if you have a bright white historic home, consider using a lot of lush green foliage. On the other hand, if your home is a farmhouse red, try planting brightly-colored hydrangeas, sunflowers, or rose bushes to enhance its countryside feel.

Use landscape plants that are proven to thrive in the central Florida area.

Bromeliads are a popular plant to add in landscaping in Brandon, FL.

Our landscape...

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Flowering Shrubs to Add to Your Brandon, FL Landscaping

Flowering Shrubs to Add to Your Brandon, FL Landscaping

If you're considering a renovation of your current landscaping in Brandon, FL, late winter is a great time to do so. You can have the landscape installed and ready to go before the worst of the rainy season begins and the plants will be able to soak up the water they will need to establish themselves in your landscape beds.

To add some color to your landscapes, you can install annual flowers for instant results, but if you want to keep flowers coming back year after year, then here is a guide to some perennial flowering shrubs that flourish in Brandon and the surrounding areas of Florida.

1. Azaleas come in a variety of colors and produce vibrant flowers.

Azaleas are often featured in Southern landscaping for their vibrant flowers. In spring, these shrubs produce a variety of colors, such as pink, red, purple, white, peach, and yellow. These shrubs do well with filtered sunlight and are not very drought-tolerant, so keep that in mind if you're looking to lower water usage at your Brandon home or business.

2. Oleanders thrive in full sun and have bright blooms in various shades.

Pink oleander blooms in a landscape bed in Brandon, FL.

While oleanders have a reputation for being poisonous, they are beautiful plants. It's suggested to plant them in an area that will be away from small children and pets playing in your yard. They thrive in full sunlight and have bright blooms in various shades like coral, yellow, red, white, and pink. This perennial actually blooms for a majority of the year and...

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6 Ways to Save Water with Your Landscaping

6 Ways to Save Water with Your Landscaping

Because of Florida's year-round relentless heat, you may want to consider different ways to save water with your landscaping. Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we offer landscape design, irrigation repair services, and more to help you conserve water.

Below, you can check out six ways to save water with your landscaping.

1. Choose drought-tolerant plants.

While you don't have to replace all of your landscape bed plants, consider swapping some of them out for drought-tolerant options. Even if you only replace half of your current plants with drought-tolerant ones, you will save a lot of water. Here are some common drought-tolerant plants for your Florida yard:

  • Saw Palmetto
  • Buttonwood
  • Firebush
  • Blanket Flower
  • Longleaf Pine

2. Get your irrigation systems repaired.

Repairing an irrigation system in FishHawk, FL.

Our team can repair your current irrigation and sprinkler systems. We recommend getting issues like poor water pressure, damaged sprinkler heads, and broken pipes fixed as quickly as possible. These issues can create inadequate water distribution and abnormal pooling. By addressing these problems, we can reduce how much water you need to use in your landscape.

3. Re-do your landscape design.

Through our landscape design services, we help you with the placement of plants, water features, and hardscapes to ensure that all your softscaping receives the water it needs to thrive.

4. Water the soil rather than the leaves.

While most landscape owners have good intentions, their ...

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Case Study: New Landscaping & Irrigation Renovation in Lakeland, FL

Case Study: New Landscaping & Irrigation Renovation in Lakeland, FL

The team at Lithia Landscape & Design specializes in designing and installing landscaping in Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, and more, so when one of our Lakeland, FL clients called us to help with some new landscaping, we were thrilled.

When we got there, we realized their existing irrigation system needed some improvements so we ended up installing all-new irrigation components as well. Learn more about this landscaping project!

Full Irrigation Renovation Included a New Drip Irrigation System & Sprinklers

For landscaping to properly thrive, it's recommended to have efficient watering systems that keep your plants and grass healthy. Before we installed new landscape plants, the team went in and added a new drip irrigation system to the beds. Drip irrigation has several advantages over a standard irrigation system, including:

  • Saving water and money: Drip irrigation delivers water exactly where it needs to go—to the roots of your plants. That means there's less risk of excess water evaporating away, which just wastes water and adds excess money to your monthly water bill.
  • Reduces pollution: Excess water can create runoff, and when your landscaping beds are using fertilizer, it could end up in that water which in turn ends up in our water system. By keeping water within the landscape beds, drip irrigation reduces pollution.

We also added in a new sprinkler system that was more efficient for their lawn, as areas of the lawn were not...

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How Your FishHawk Yard Can Utilize 2020 Landscape Trends

How Your FishHawk Yard Can Utilize 2020 Landscape Trends

As the 2010s come to a close and we prepare to enter 2020, there is a huge shift in focus when it comes to landscaping. Homeowners are looking for less maintenance, more sustainability, and other trends. In the 2020 Garden Trends Report, they outline many trends to watch for in the next decade.

Here's how you can incorporate some of these trends in your FishHawk yard and other surrounding areas in Florida such as Lithia, Valrico, and Brandon.

1. Reduce household waste by up to 40% with sustainable gardening practices.

Custom landscaping with hibiscus flowers in Lithia, FL.

Creating a sustainable garden will be important in the next decade as we work to reduce the negative effects of pollution. As of now, if we continue deforestation and other practices, our soil will be devoid of nutrients and minerals by 2050, according to the United Nations Food & Agricultural Association. By creating a sustainable garden with composting, you can help reduce your household waste by up to 40% and restore your soil with much-needed organic micronutrients.

2. Create a space that's safe for important aspects of our ecosystem, such as pollinators and frogs.

You can also work to create a frog-friendly space. According to the 2020 report, 1 out of every 3 amphibians are listed as endangered. Frogs are an important part of our local Tampa Bay ecosystem, as they eat harmful pests such as mosquitoes and insects that damage plants. Make sure not to introduce any non-native species, as we already...

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Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Contractor

Reasons to Hire a Professional Landscape Contractor

Taking pride in your home and maintaining its value means investing in proper landscaping services. Professional landscape contractors can increase your home’s value, enhance your property’s beauty, and save you time and money.

Hiring a professional landscape contractor is a must-have for any homeowner and business who wants peace of mind and want to keep their property in immaculate shape. Here is why you should hire a professional landscape contractor for your property in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding areas.

Professional Landscaping Increases Your Home’s Value

A property that benefits from professional landscape services enjoys a much higher property value than homes with poorly maintained landscapes. When you hire a professional landscape contractor, they work with you to create an exquisite landscape that complements the beauty of your home and matches its aesthetic. A beautifully and professionally-landscaped property attracts more potential buyers and tends to sell much quicker and for a higher price than other homes. Regular landscape maintenance from an experienced and trusted landscape company guarantees your lawn will always look its best.

Professional landscape contractors help increase your home’s value and curb appeal by creating an exquisite design that complements your home and the surrounding environment.

You Save Time & Money When You Hire a Professional Contractor

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Landscape Design Trends to Help Your Florida Yard Stand Out

Landscape Design Trends to Help Your Florida Yard Stand Out

Landscape design in Florida is a special challenge. The heat here and the expense of watering yards can make your choices for landscape installation feel limited.

However, there are plenty of contemporary landscaping trends that are compatible with Florida weather that Lithia Landscape & Design has successfully installed for many customers in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding Florida cities.

Pollinator Gardens & Butterfly Gardens

A bee rests on this flower in a Valrico, FL pollinator garden.

Pollinator gardens are a great trend that involves planting flowers and plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Pollinator gardens are in style partly because people love to see gorgeous local butterflies and hummingbirds come to their yard. They’re also current because bees are struggling with keeping up their population numbers, and people like to help the important insect out by giving them pollinating plants.

There are tons of wildflowers and other pollinator plants available, but gardens in Florida often include black-eyed susans, cannas, coral honeysuckle, marigold, and purple cornflowers. Herbs, which can double as a great way to add flavor to your cooking, that add to pollinator gardens include cilantro, mint, and rosemary. Shrubs that are great for pollinators include sea grape and Walter’s viburnum.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Low-maintenance landscape design is another popular request by our customers. Modern homeowners are extremely busy and they...

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Annual Flowers vs. Perennial Flowers

Annual Flowers vs. Perennial Flowers

When deciding which types of flowers to plant in your landscape, one common question always arises: which is better – annuals or perennials? The answer is neither; both types are essential and beneficial to any landscape, so it’s important to understand what sets them apart.

Which type of flower is best for your landscape depends on your specific desires and preferences. If you’re looking to plant some flowers to your landscape in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding areas, here’s everything you need to know about annuals vs. perennials.

Perennial Flowers Last for Years, Require More Maintenance

Pink peonies look gorgeous in this Brandon, FL landscape bed.

Perennials are flowers that live for three to five years, and return year after year and continue growing until they eventually reach maturity. They grow back each year from roots that go dormant in the soil in the winter. Perennials do best when planted in spring or fall, and bloom for less time than annuals, usually for only two to six weeks. Because perennials have a longer lifespan, they put their energy into growing strong roots instead of growing lots of flowers. Perennials also require more attention and maintenance than annuals, such as constant watering, weed pulling, pruning, and dead-heading (removing dead flower heads).

Perennials tend to be hardier than annuals and more adaptable to weather conditions, thus more expensive. Common perennials include roses, peonies, mums, and lilies.


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