Putting in new landscaping at your home or business is an exciting decision. It is something you should do your homework on before making the final decision on what plant material is added to your property.

Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we have installed and created many gorgeous custom landscapes across the areas of Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, and other nearby cities. Learn some questions that we recommend you should always ask before adding new landscapes in your yard.

How will the design mature and what is the growth rate of the plants?

Home landscaping with mature plants and bushes in Lithia, FL.

When landscaping is initially installed, the plants will be younger and smaller than they will be once they reach maturity. When you invest money into plants, you need to know exactly what you are getting into with them, meaning you have to learn about how large they will be as well as how their mature sizes will look next to each other.

You also need to know how often the plants should be maintained with routine trimming. Trimming shapes the plants and keeps them healthy. They should be pruned once a year as well.

Which type of ground cover will be used?

The type of ground cover used in your landscaping can give off very different looks and feels. A dark hardwood mulch looks traditional and refined, while seashells complement the beachy atmosphere of the Tampa Bay area.

You will also need to keep up with the maintenance of the ground cover chosen. Each type should be replenished at different times:

  • Pine Straw: Twice a year
  • Mulch: Once a year
  • Rocks & Shells: Every 3-5 years

Make sure your ground cover is replenished on schedule so that your landscaping will be protected and will look polished.

What type of plant health care will be required?

A pool surrounded by a landscape bed with tropical plants in Valrico, FL.

Ask your landscape designer about the plant health care that will be required for each type of plant. Some may need more fertilization, while others may be more prone to types of fungal disease or insect infestation. Your landscape designer may recommend that you schedule routine plant care services depending on the types of plants that are installed.

What are your "go-to" perennial shrubs?

Perennial shrubs will bloom once a year, providing beautiful color in your landscaping beds. It's important to know what types will be included on your property so that you have a color balance. Each landscaper may have different "go-to" perennials, but make sure they are choosing ones that will do well in our USDA hardiness zone so that they will not require excess maintenance or lots of watering. At Lithia Landscape & Design, we often plant beautiful, quality perennials such as:

  • Encore Azaleas
  • Salvias
  • Blue My Mind
  • Blue Plumbago
  • And more!

Thinking about adding new landscaping to your property? Call us for an estimate.

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