Landscape design in Florida is a special challenge. The heat here and the expense of watering yards can make your choices for landscape installation feel limited.

However, there are plenty of contemporary landscaping trends that are compatible with Florida weather that Lithia Landscape & Design has successfully installed for many customers in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding Florida cities.

Pollinator Gardens & Butterfly Gardens

A bee rests on this flower in a Valrico, FL pollinator garden.

Pollinator gardens are a great trend that involves planting flowers and plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Pollinator gardens are in style partly because people love to see gorgeous local butterflies and hummingbirds come to their yard. They’re also current because bees are struggling with keeping up their population numbers, and people like to help the important insect out by giving them pollinating plants.

There are tons of wildflowers and other pollinator plants available, but gardens in Florida often include black-eyed susans, cannas, coral honeysuckle, marigold, and purple cornflowers. Herbs, which can double as a great way to add flavor to your cooking, that add to pollinator gardens include cilantro, mint, and rosemary. Shrubs that are great for pollinators include sea grape and Walter’s viburnum.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Low-maintenance landscape design is another popular request by our customers. Modern homeowners are extremely busy and they don’t have hours on the weekend to take care of their yard. Low-maintenance landscaping usually involves some kind of hardscaping component. The hardscaping helps keep plants in place and prevents overgrowth or ground cover plants from growing out of their designated area. If you want to install hardscaping, Lithia Landscape & Design can help you figure out options and who to contact.

In Florida, this type of landscaping involves plants that don’t require too much watering. Choosing native plants will ensure that they can survive easily in Florida heat. A lot of low-maintenance landscaping also uses succulents, cacti, and bromeliads - all of which require limited water and can withstand the heat.

Lithia Landscape & Design can help you choose plants that suit your aesthetic taste and that grow well in Florida conditions, accounting for heat, amount of moisture, type of soil, and amount of salt they will be exposed to.

Secluded Spaces

This secluded area in this Brandon yard creates a sense of privacy.

This trend is for homeowners that want their yard to be a private retreat. Imagine a garden where you can walk to a shaded, private spot with a bench and maybe a pretty fountain where you can rest alone with your thoughts. This can be the inspiration for your whole yard, or you can choose to include a secluded space within a different type of landscape.

Secluded space landscape design usually involves choosing tall shrubs, hedges, and trees with lots of foliage that provide a natural sight barrier so people can’t look into your yard. These types of plants are normally associated with landscaping up north, but it’s totally possible to find plants that will do well in Florida. Arborvitae, for example, is one of the few conifers that do well in Florida. The areca palm is also often used for privacy since it’s a particularly thick and leafy palm tree. Flowering hedges like Gardenias are also useful.

Reach Out for a Landscape Consultation

Reach out to Lithia Landscape & Design for a consultation on how best to achieve any combination of these or other landscaping trends in your yard. We also offer free quotes. Our owner, Mark Kerby, has been working with plants since he was a child and possesses years of experience working with clients in Lithia, Valrico, and Brandon, FL. Call (813) 927-0429 today to get his expertise involved in your Florida landscaping project.