Your home's exterior is the first thing that residents, visitors, and neighbors notice when they look at your property. Plus, you see it every day as you spend time outside or come home from work, so you should take pride in its appearance. To help your landscape look its best, you may need to implement some changes with its design.

Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we offer expert landscape design services to properties in Brandon and Riverview, Florida. To begin the design process, our team evaluates your unique landscape. From there, we consider your design preferences and recommend specific elements to incorporate into your landscape. Check out some of the most common landscape design tips that we implement for our clients' Florida homes.

Choose plants that best suit the exterior of your home.

Within the central Florida area, there is no one standard style of home. The style and architecture of your home may differ greatly from that of your neighbors. Consider the look of your home's unique exterior when choosing softscaping. This way, you will select plants that best suit your residential property in Brandon.

For example, if you have a bright white historic home, consider using a lot of lush green foliage. On the other hand, if your home is a farmhouse red, try planting brightly-colored hydrangeas, sunflowers, or rose bushes to enhance its countryside feel.

Use landscape plants that are proven to thrive in the central Florida area.

Bromeliads are a popular plant to add in landscaping in Brandon, FL.

Our landscape installation company has vast experience with installing plants for homes in Riverview and Brandon. We stay away from certain plants, as these are often more trouble than they're worth.

We have a wide selection of plants that are proven to thrive in the central Florida area. Some of the plants in our inventory are more commonly seen than others. However, they all are equipped to survive the heavy annual rainfall and humidity that our area knows too well.

Some of the most common landscape plants we can install for properties in Brandon or Riverview include:

  • Palms: Cabbage palm, saw palmetto, coontie palm
  • Shrubs: Simpson's stopper, firebush, Walter's viburnum
  • Flowers: Milkweed, coneflowers, blanket flowers
  • Trees: Red cedars, red maples, wax myrtles

Fill your landscape beds with mulch for a low-maintenance final result.

Especially if you have large landscape beds, it may seem intimidating to fill them with mulch. Some property owners argue that mulch installation is too costly and arduous to perform. Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we offer mulch installation services to save you the hard work of doing it yourself.

Mulch installation should be at the forefront of your landscape design in Riverview. It offers a lot of functional benefits including erosion control, moisture absorption, weed suppression, and soil insulation. With mulch in place, you can expect to water your plants less. Plus, it has the potential to liven up your landscape beds and complement your current softscape.

We offer various types of mulch including dyed hardwoods, regular cypress, pine straw, and pine bark.

Are you interested in implementing any of these landscape design tips? Call us today!

If you are interested in implementing any of these landscape design tips, be sure to call (813) 927-0429 to speak with one of our landscape design experts. We service landscapes primarily in Riverview, Brandon, and the surrounding areas of Lithia, Valrico, FishHawk, Bloomingdale, and more. Our team works hard to give you an aesthetically-pleasing and low-maintenance landscape that you, your residents, and your visitors can enjoy for years to come.