If you're considering a renovation of your current landscaping in Brandon, FL, late winter is a great time to do so. You can have the landscape installed and ready to go before the worst of the rainy season begins and the plants will be able to soak up the water they will need to establish themselves in your landscape beds.

To add some color to your landscapes, you can install annual flowers for instant results, but if you want to keep flowers coming back year after year, then here is a guide to some perennial flowering shrubs that flourish in Brandon and the surrounding areas of Florida.

1. Azaleas come in a variety of colors and produce vibrant flowers.

Azaleas are often featured in Southern landscaping for their vibrant flowers. In spring, these shrubs produce a variety of colors, such as pink, red, purple, white, peach, and yellow. These shrubs do well with filtered sunlight and are not very drought-tolerant, so keep that in mind if you're looking to lower water usage at your Brandon home or business.

2. Oleanders thrive in full sun and have bright blooms in various shades.

Pink oleander blooms in a landscape bed in Brandon, FL.

While oleanders have a reputation for being poisonous, they are beautiful plants. It's suggested to plant them in an area that will be away from small children and pets playing in your yard. They thrive in full sunlight and have bright blooms in various shades like coral, yellow, red, white, and pink. This perennial actually blooms for a majority of the year and loves the warmer months, making it a great plant for our area of Florida.

3. Loropetalums have pink, red, plum, and white flowers.

Loropetalums, also referred to as Chinese witch hazel, are versatile shrubs that bloom in the spring. The leaves are usually a burgundy color but some are also green. Loropetalums can grow up to 15 feet in height, so selective trimming and pruning may be needed to keep them shaped. Different types of this shrub produce varying colors of flowers like pink, red, plum, and white.

4. Walter's viburnum has white flowers in the spring that attract butterflies.

Walter's viburnum blooming in a garden in Brandon, FL.

One of our favorites at Lithia Landscape & Design, Walter's viburnum can be grown as a shrub, hedge, or small tree, depending on how it's pruned. The plant blooms in spring with small white flowers that attract butterflies and produces a fall fruit that brings in birds. It's a great shrub for Florida-friendly landscaping or a pollinator garden.

5. Camellias are a great choice for fall and winter flowering.

If you want color in your landscape beds all year, then consider planting camellias as well. These shrubs flower in the fall and winter, depending on what type of camellia you choose. Most require partial shade to grow well and need routine watering during their first year. 

Consult with a landscape provider if you have questions about proper care for your flowering shrubs.

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