The team at Lithia Landscape & Design specializes in designing and installing landscaping in Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, and more, so when one of our Lakeland, FL clients called us to help with some new landscaping, we were thrilled.

When we got there, we realized their existing irrigation system needed some improvements so we ended up installing all-new irrigation components as well. Learn more about this landscaping project!

Full Irrigation Renovation Included a New Drip Irrigation System & Sprinklers

For landscaping to properly thrive, it's recommended to have efficient watering systems that keep your plants and grass healthy. Before we installed new landscape plants, the team went in and added a new drip irrigation system to the beds. Drip irrigation has several advantages over a standard irrigation system, including:

  • Saving water and money: Drip irrigation delivers water exactly where it needs to go—to the roots of your plants. That means there's less risk of excess water evaporating away, which just wastes water and adds excess money to your monthly water bill.
  • Reduces pollution: Excess water can create runoff, and when your landscaping beds are using fertilizer, it could end up in that water which in turn ends up in our water system. By keeping water within the landscape beds, drip irrigation reduces pollution.

We also added in a new sprinkler system that was more efficient for their lawn, as areas of the lawn were not getting complete coverage and zones were improperly working. A new sprinkler system will ensure their lawn has a uniform look and that the grass will have the correct amount of water, which helps to reduce any chances of lawn disease developing.

New Landscaping Beds Have Native, Florida-Friendly Plants

New landscape bed installed at a home in Lakeland, FL.

In our area of Florida, we have a climate that allows for many different, beautiful plants to thrive. But it's important to try and use native plants that work with our zone as much as possible so that your landscaping has the least possible impact on the surrounding environment. Non-native plants can take up a lot of resources and may not do as well here.

For this project, we used plants that are native to our area and that are Florida-friendly. These plants included:

  • Encore Reblooming Azaleas
  • Oakleaf Holly
  • Florida Sun Hosta
  • Maui Red Ixora
  • Dwarf Purple Princess Flowers
  • Tri-color Oysters
  • Red Shrimp Plant
  • Camellias
  • Gardenia
  • Pentas
  • Blue My Mind

These plants all work together to create a beautiful, colorful landscape that also complements the home's exterior.

Are you considering a new landscaping project for your Florida home or business?

Along with landscape design and installation, our team of landscape contractors can also sit down with you to plan out a landscape consultation if you'd prefer to plant on your own. Our comprehensive landscaping services give you all that's needed to completely revamp the look and feel of your yard.

We service homes and businesses throughout the area, including Lithia, Brandon, Valrico, and more. Give us a call today at (813) 927-0429 to set up an initial estimate! We'd love to help you transform your yard into a gorgeous oasis.