When deciding which types of flowers to plant in your landscape, one common question always arises: which is better – annuals or perennials? The answer is neither; both types are essential and beneficial to any landscape, so it’s important to understand what sets them apart.

Which type of flower is best for your landscape depends on your specific desires and preferences. If you’re looking to plant some flowers to your landscape in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding areas, here’s everything you need to know about annuals vs. perennials.

Perennial Flowers Last for Years, Require More Maintenance

Pink peonies look gorgeous in this Brandon, FL landscape bed.

Perennials are flowers that live for three to five years, and return year after year and continue growing until they eventually reach maturity. They grow back each year from roots that go dormant in the soil in the winter. Perennials do best when planted in spring or fall, and bloom for less time than annuals, usually for only two to six weeks. Because perennials have a longer lifespan, they put their energy into growing strong roots instead of growing lots of flowers. Perennials also require more attention and maintenance than annuals, such as constant watering, weed pulling, pruning, and dead-heading (removing dead flower heads).

Perennials tend to be hardier than annuals and more adaptable to weather conditions, thus more expensive. Common perennials include roses, peonies, mums, and lilies.

Annual Flowers Bloom Longer than Perennial Flowers

Annuals are flowers whose life cycle only lasts one year. Within this year, they sprout from seeds, bloom, produce seeds, and then die, all within one growing season. Because of this, they require replanting each year, and the soil must be reworked every year before replanting.

Annuals bloom continuously, producing more flowers and bloom for a longer period of time than perennials, and produce the most flowers for the longest amount of time. These flowers last all season long and produce consistently vivid color and showy blooms. Annuals can be planted anytime, and because they only last one year, can easily be swapped out for new ones each year. Annual flowers are less expensive than perennials and provide much more color with less work.

People who favor annuals over perennials tend to enjoy changing the color and look of their landscape each year while enjoying the benefits of little to no maintenance.

We have several types of flowers available for your landscape and are happy to obtain any you desire for your home.

Which One Should You Plant?

Snapdragons are a good annual flower choice for yards in Valrico, FL.

Which type of flowers you choose to plant in your landscape is purely dependent upon your own personal preference. Each type has various pros and cons, therefore there is really no set answer on which one is best and which one to pick over the other.

If you want showy and colorful plants for a single season with little maintenance, choose annuals. Annuals let you change the color palette and look of your garden every year, and because they bloom and die all within one season, require little to no maintenance. If you want more permanent plants and don’t mind extra maintenance, choose perennials. You’ll have a less colorful garden but it will remain the same for a few years in a row.

Ready to add some vivid color to your landscape?

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