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Pink, red, and white annual flowers during the summer.

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Landscape Design Trends to Help Your Florida Yard Stand Out

Landscape Design Trends to Help Your Florida Yard Stand Out

Landscape design in Florida is a special challenge. The heat here and the expense of watering yards can make your choices for landscape installation feel limited.

However, there are plenty of contemporary landscaping trends that are compatible with Florida weather that Lithia Landscape & Design has successfully installed for many customers in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding Florida cities.

Pollinator Gardens & Butterfly Gardens

A bee rests on this flower in a Valrico, FL pollinator garden.

Pollinator gardens are a great trend that involves planting flowers and plants that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Pollinator gardens are in style partly because people love to see gorgeous local butterflies and hummingbirds come to their yard. They’re also current because bees are struggling with keeping up their population numbers, and people like to help the important insect out by giving them pollinating plants.

There are tons of wildflowers and other pollinator plants available, but gardens in Florida often include black-eyed susans, cannas, coral honeysuckle, marigold, and purple cornflowers. Herbs, which can double as a great way to add flavor to your cooking, that add to pollinator gardens include cilantro, mint, and rosemary. Shrubs that are great for pollinators include sea grape and Walter’s viburnum.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping

Low-maintenance landscape design is another popular request by our customers. Modern homeowners are extremely busy and they...

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Annual Flowers vs. Perennial Flowers

Annual Flowers vs. Perennial Flowers

When deciding which types of flowers to plant in your landscape, one common question always arises: which is better – annuals or perennials? The answer is neither; both types are essential and beneficial to any landscape, so it’s important to understand what sets them apart.

Which type of flower is best for your landscape depends on your specific desires and preferences. If you’re looking to plant some flowers to your landscape in Lithia, Valrico, Brandon, and the surrounding areas, here’s everything you need to know about annuals vs. perennials.

Perennial Flowers Last for Years, Require More Maintenance

Pink peonies look gorgeous in this Brandon, FL landscape bed.

Perennials are flowers that live for three to five years, and return year after year and continue growing until they eventually reach maturity. They grow back each year from roots that go dormant in the soil in the winter. Perennials do best when planted in spring or fall, and bloom for less time than annuals, usually for only two to six weeks. Because perennials have a longer lifespan, they put their energy into growing strong roots instead of growing lots of flowers. Perennials also require more attention and maintenance than annuals, such as constant watering, weed pulling, pruning, and dead-heading (removing dead flower heads).

Perennials tend to be hardier than annuals and more adaptable to weather conditions, thus more expensive. Common perennials include roses, peonies, mums, and lilies.


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Why Your Home Benefits from Custom Landscaping

Why Your Home Benefits from Custom Landscaping

Your home or business is a huge, important part of your life. It's important that you protect that part of your life with investments that show you care about your property.

One way to invest in your property is by installing custom, beautiful landscaping that complements the exterior of your residential or commercial property and adds to its beauty.

At Lithia Landscape & Design, we can design, install, or consult on custom landscaping for homes and businesses in Valrico, Lithia, Brandon, and other nearby Florida areas.

Adding Custom Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Property

By adding custom landscaping, it's possible to not only increase property value but also increase the chances of reselling your property down the line. A 2018 survey of real estate agents found that 99 percent of those agents suggest that sellers work to increase their curb appeal before putting a property on the market. Additionally, 17 percent said that a recent landscape project was what helped them close on a property sale.

According to the National Association of Realtors, it's estimated that homeowners can recoup 100 percent of their investment in landscape maintenance such as mulching, pruning, and planting annual flowers.

Custom Landscaping Uses Plants & Flowers Proven to Thrive in Florida Climate

This landscape bed in Valrico, FL is full of plants that are great for Florida climates.

When a custom landscape is designed, it's then possible to choose plants and flowers that are either native to Florida or proven to ...

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What is Florida-Friendly Landscaping?

What is Florida-Friendly Landscaping?

Many homeowners across the state of Florida have been searching for ways to make their landscape more environmentally friendly as pollution concerns continue to rise. Thanks to the University of Florida, there are some great guidelines set up on how to create Florida-friendly landscaping.

Here are some ways that we at Lithia Landscape & Design can work with you to set up some Florida-friendly landscaping at residential and commercial properties located in and around Tampa Bay areas such as Lithia, Valrico, and Brandon.

9 Principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping

These bromeliads in Brandon will flourish well in the Florida climate.

Florida-friendly landscaping was designed to help protect the natural resources in our state through water usage reduction, pollution reduction, creation of wildlife habitats, and erosion prevention.

There are nine principles of Florida-friendly landscaping that address many aspects of landscape design and installation and if a landscape adheres to all of these principles, then it can be named Florida-friendly. These principles, according to the University of Florida, are:

  • Right Plant, Right Place: Choose native plants that will work well with the zone we live in. When plants are suited for their environment, they require less watering and stand up better against insect infestation.
  • Water Efficiently: Using too much water for your lawn and landscaping leads to water waste. Also, try not to water 24 hours after it has already rained or if the weather predicts more rain coming.
  • ...
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Our new website has been launched live!

Our new website has been launched live!

We would like to announce our new website has been launched! We are very excited about new and existing customers being able to find us online, learn about our services and get in contact with us.

Come back often for great lawn care and landscaping information!

Part of our new website is a blog that we'll be utilizing to provide you with lawn care tips, reminders and other great lawn and landscaping information. We encourage you to join in and comment on our posts with your questions, opinions and requests.

The new site will continue to grow!

Since we just launched the website, there are many things we'll be adding into the future. When you see or talk to us, let us know what you think! Your feedback is important as we strive to offer the best lawn service possible.

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