At Lithia Landscape & Design, we often get asked about some simple landscape designs that our clients can incorporate into their lawns. In our area of Florida, there are many things we can do with our landscaping that other parts of the country can't do year-round.

Check out four of our recommendations for simple ideas for landscape beds in Valrico, Lithia, Brandon, and the nearby areas of Florida.

1. Use mulch and rock ground cover together.

Landscape bed with mulch and flowering plants in Valrico, FL.

For a beautiful look in your landscaping, consider using both mulch and rock as ground cover. This creates a nice visual effect while your landscape still reaps the benefits of ground cover, such as protecting the underlying soil, blocking weed growth, and retaining moisture. You can use dark hardwood mulch and then contrast that with white river rock, or use red mulch with brown river rock for a more subtle approach.

2. Utilize natural stones and boulders.

Large boulders in the landscape provide beauty and a natural effect, as well as focal points in the overall design. Consider spacing them around your shrubs to put a new color into the area. You could also use natural stone curbing that provides a definitive edging to the landscaping. The advantage of using rocks is that they will last forever, so you should never have to replace them.

Another way to incorporate rocks into landscaping is by adding in bubblers, which are water features inserted into rocks or boulders.

3. Incorporate potted plants into your landscape beds.

Most people may not think about this as an option, but decorative planters or pottery offer a new depth and color in your landscape. Use them to your advantage by adding potted plants into the area. There are all sizes and types of pottery that can incorporate with all types of landscapes from traditional to tropical. You can even use a potted tree such as a Christmas palm in a large ceramic pot that matches the surrounding environment.

4. Install annual flowers twice per year for color.

Flowering annual plants at a Brandon, FL home.

There are many different types of annual flowers that you can install, both warm-season and cool-season annuals. Plant these twice a year for seasonal color. They are beautiful and their blooms last for months, which makes them a great choice for your landscaping beds. As long as they are fertilized and watered properly, they will bloom for a while. You will also need to ensure you plant them in the right area. For example, impatiens prefer shaded areas. Other types of annuals you could install include:

  • Pansies
  • Snapdragons
  • Geraniums
  • Sunflowers
  • Petunias
  • Zinnias
  • Begonias

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