In areas where grass or other groundcovers won't grow, mulch and rock are great alternatives. With the right products, you can choose natural-looking bed material that will revitalize your landscape.

Here at Lithia Landscape & Design, we offer professional mulch and rock installation services for residential and commercial clients in Brandon, Valrico, Lithia, and the surrounding areas.

If you are looking for something to fill your landscape beds with, here are four of the most popular mulch and rock choices for Riverview landscapes in 2020.

1. Red, brown, and black mulches are some of our most popular products.

Some of our most popular mulch products include red, brown, and black mulches. Check out some of the specific benefits of each type:

  • Red mulch: Red mulch is well-suited for a landscape with lightly-colored plants. The bright red color offers a striking contrast to shrubs, plants, and trees of paler shades.
  • Brown mulch: Brown mulch offers a very natural vibe. It will complement any shade of green in your yard. We recommend using brown mulch in smaller landscape beds. It will need to be replaced more frequently because its color tends to fade within a single growing season.
  • Black mulch: Black mulch works best for commercial properties. Its color offers a sleek look and it is less likely to fade over time. However, you should avoid using black mulch if your landscape beds have delicate plants. Black mulch tends to retain a lot of heat, so it can negatively affect the growth of fragile plants.

2. River rocks control soil erosion and suppress weed growth.

River rocks are smooth pieces of stone that are around four inches in size. When deposited in your Riverview landscape beds, these rocks control soil erosion and suppress weed growth.

In addition to their functional value, river rocks offer great aesthetic appeal. They come in a variety of color shades so you can create eye-catching landscape beds for your Riverview property.

A lot of homeowners use river rock to create unique water beds for their water features like fountains and waterfalls.

3. Pine straw prevents evaporation and soil compaction.

Pine straw has a rich auburn color that will bring life to a bare garden. In addition to adding beauty to your landscape, it also prevents evaporation and soil compaction.

You can also count on pine straw to keep your plant's soil at a stable temperature in the colder months.

4. Red lava rock works well in desert landscapes.

Red lava rock in a landscaping bed near Riverview, FL.

If you have a drought-tolerant landscape, red lava rock may be a good option for your property. This kind of rock is lightweight, so it won't crush any desert plants you have growing in your yard. Red lava rock promotes plant growth, as it regulates your soil's temperature and moisture levels.

Red lava rock won't break down quickly, so you can reap its benefits for years. As long as it's properly installed by a professional landscaping company, red lava rock won't blow or wash away.

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